Thrust Ball Bearing

A thrust ball bearing is a type of bearing used to support axial loads. This type of bearing consists of two separable parts: the lower half is called the shaft and the upper half is called the housing. The shaft is attached to the housing using a set of balls that are held in place by cages.

The advantage of using a thrust ball bearing is that it can handle higher loads than other types of bearings. Additionally, they are less likely to fail under high loads and can be used in applications with vibration.

Thrust ball bearings are the anti-friction parts of the machine. They help slow and lightly loaded machines work at high speeds and increase efficiency. Thrust ball bearings are used in a variety of applications including automotive, aerospace, and industrial. They are typically used in high-speed applications such as motors and pumps. Thrust ball bearings are also used in some types of wind turbines.

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Thrust Ball Bearing

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Single-Direction Thrust Ball Bearing

d=12mm D=26mm
B=9mm C=10.3kN

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Thrust ball bearing

d=40mm D=60mm
B=13mm C=26.9kN

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Thrust ball bearings are rolling element bearings ideal for high-thrust applications. These bearings are designed to carry axial loads and they usually have a low profile and high load capacity.

Although thrust ball bearings are designed to support high thrust loads, they are less suitable for radial loads. Therefore, thrust ball bearings are usually used in pairs, with one bearing the thrust load and the other bearing the radial load.

Thrust ball bearings provide high reliability and availability, reduce friction, and support forces in the same direction as the shaft. They are commonly used in automotive, marine, and aerospace applications. In addition, it is also suitable for fields with high requirements on carrying capacity, such as agriculture.

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