Tapered Roller Bearing

A tapered roller bearing is a rolling element bearing that uses tapered rollers whose outer diameter is smaller than the inner diameter. This design gives the bearing a higher load-carrying capacity in one direction than the other. Tapered roller bearings are commonly used in automotive and industrial applications where both axial and radial loads are present.

Tapered roller bearings consist of a tapered part and an outer ring. The inseparable tapered assembly consists of an inner ring, rollers, and a cage that holds and evenly spaced the rollers. Inner and outer rings are usually made of steel, while tapered rollers are made of harder materials such as ceramic or carbon steel. The tapered shape of the rollers allows them to “roll” on their own, reducing friction and making the bearing more efficient.

There are four types of tapered roller bearings: single-row tapered roller bearings, paired tapered roller bearings, double-row tapered roller bearings, and four-row tapered roller bearings.

Tapered roller bearings are used in a variety of applications such as automotive, aerospace, and industrial. They are ideal for high-speed and heavy-duty applications requiring precise shaft alignment.

Yuanhe provides a full range of tapered roller bearings, mainly used in demanding operating applications. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at sales@yuanhecd.com.

Tapered Roller Bearing

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Tapered Roller Bearings

d=15mm D=35mm
B=11mm C=14.8kN

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Tapered roller bearings are one of the most popular types of roller bearings. They are used in a wide variety of industries and applications. Tapered roller bearings are particularly suitable for carrying combined (axial and radial) loads. The tapered shape of the rollers allows them to accommodate this type of load very efficiently.

There are many different types of tapered roller bearings, each designed for a specific purpose. When choosing a tapered roller bearing, it is important to choose the bearing that best meets your requirements.

Element and tapered roller bearing assemblies are precision engineered to withstand radial and axial loads even under the harshest conditions.

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Tapered roller bearings can carry both radial and thrust loads, and they can operate at high speeds without performance issues. Additionally, their design means they have a high level of resistance to misalignment, making them ideal for use in applications where precise alignment is not possible or required.

Tapered roller bearings are widely used in automobiles, rolling mills, mining, metallurgy, plastic machinery, horizontal spindle, and other industries. They are mainly used in combined radial and axial load cases.

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