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Home appliances are everywhere in our lives.

The huge demand for household appliances has spawned a complete consumer market for household appliances.

These machines make our lives easier so that we can enjoy our spare time to the fullest.

The Role of ball bearings in home appliances

In an ordinary family, ball bearings are used in household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, and vacuum cleaners.

In household appliances, the electric motor plays an extremely important role as its core component. At the same time, precision bearings are the key components of the motor.

Ball bearings are a popular choice for many home appliances due to their quiet operation, low vibration and long service life. Yuanhe provides a full range of deep groove ball bearings that meet international bearing standards.

Various seal rings and various greases are combined in proportion to ensure long bearing life. Yuanhe’s professional team of engineers can provide you with customized products.

Human beings are making continuous progress in the quality of life. In addition to basic functions, household appliances also require quietness, energy saving and environmental protection.

Indoor appliances in particular need to be designed to be quiet, keeping noise and vibration to a minimum. Optimized seal design and proper grease selection are key to reducing bearing wear, which can improve energy consumption issues.

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Application – Air Conditioning

We all know that the combination of noise from the compressor and blower operation makes it nearly impossible for an air conditioner to work quietly.

The air conditioners are then divided into indoor units and outdoor units. The compressor now becomes an outdoor unit to isolate noise, while the fan uses ultra-quiet ball bearings to reduce noise.

As a result, the noise is significantly reduced and the quiet requirements are met.


The indoor fan adopts an ultra-quiet ball bearing, which significantly reduces the running noise of the bearing.

Yuanhe’s professional engineer team customizes bearings according to product characteristics to ensure the running stability of bearings.

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