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Handheld power tools are a $26 billion industry worldwide and are common in many industries from automotive to aerospace.

Components in these products must meet and exceed industry standards to ensure they perform as designed. Ball bearings play a key role in this performance and reliability.

Bearings for handheld power tools must be able to handle combined load conditions, high-speed operation, low friction, low noise, and high reliability.

Power tools are highly engineered products in the industry that reduce worker fatigue and increase productivity. They are commonly used for all types of operations such as driving (fasteners), drilling, cutting, forming, grinding, milling, polishing, etc.

Notes for Handheld Power Tool Bearings

Noise and Vibration

Noisy and vibrating tools can quickly cause operator discomfort, especially in factory or production environments where movements and operations are repetitive.

For ball bearings, noise and vibration are directly related to the quality of materials used for the rings and balls, in-house manufacturing specifications, and strict process controls.

Ball bearings for power tools

Due to their internal structure, can withstand both radial and axial loads, which makes ball bearings ideal for power tool needs. More importantly, the bearing is preloaded to eliminate radial play, which may cause noise and vibration during use.


Lubrication plays a vital role in many areas including noise, vibration, and operating temperature. Not all lubricants are created equal, and there are thousands of variations to choose from.

While NLGI grade 2 greases are suitable for most tools, here are some of the properties required for greases used with power hand tool bearings:

  • Anti-aging and anti-oxidation
  • Excellent mechanical shear stability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance, even in the presence of water or moisture
  • Low noise characteristics

Operating temperature

Powered hand tools must be designed and built so that the operator can comfortably run and hold them for extended periods of time.

It is therefore essential to take the necessary measures to reduce the heat generated by the bearing during use. These steps include ensuring proper installation, preloading, and lubrication.

Bearing Materials

For the highest levels of fatigue strength and wear resistance, bearings should be produced from high-purity materials such as SAE 52100 chrome steel.

Although SAE 52100 chrome steel is the most effective choice for most power hand tools, martensitic stainless steel is recommended if the tool is exposed to corrosive or wet environments.

Harsh Environments

Powered hand tools used in industrial environments are often exposed to harsh environments with various types of debris and moisture. In this case, sealed or shielded bearings are the best option.

Guards are necessary for harsh environments as they protect the bearing from contamination without affecting speed capability. While seals provide better protection against debris, they reduce the bearing’s maximum speed capability

Yuanhe’s new generation of deep groove ball bearing products uses bearing steel as the main material, which can withstand high dynamic radial loads.

The design and use of grease and double sealing cover can reduce noise while meeting the high-strength and high-load operation requirements of power tools.

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Application – Walkthrough

As far as power tools go, drills are iconic gadgets. Drill operators face high vibration and harsh environments when drilling. Since drilling vibration is basically unavoidable, minimizing bearing-induced vibration improves overall drilling vibration.

Chips from a drilled workpiece can be in any form, such as chips, chips, or powder that are most likely to enter the bearing and cause bearing failure.


High precision and high-quality materials ensure that the bearings work with low vibration and low noise levels.

With Yuanhe’s well-designed seals, customers don’t need to worry about contaminants entering the bearings.

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