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ATMs in shopping malls

An automatic teller machine, also known as an ATM machine, is a highly sophisticated mechatronic device.

ATM machines mainly use magnetic code cards or smart cards to achieve self-service for financial transactions, replacing the work of bank counter staff.

In the studio, the AMT machine needs to be quiet and turn smoothly. Therefore, bearings used in ATM machines need to have characteristics such as high durability and fast rotation.

The deep groove ball bearing has a simple structure. It is mainly used to bear radial load, and can also bear a certain axial load.

When the radial clearance of the bearing increases, it has the properties of an angular contact ball bearing and can bear axial loads alternating in two directions.

The deep groove ball bearing has low friction, quietness and high speed, which is very suitable for use in ATM machines.

Today, banks use ATMs widely. Of course, AMT is common in crowded places such as shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, and airports. Using ATMs can also identify authenticity while reducing manual time which improving work efficiency.

Notes for ATM Bearings

Noise and vibration

ATMs are usually placed in areas with less space. Noise and vibration can easily echo and cause discomfort for a short period of time.

The noise and vibration of deep groove ball bearings depend on the quality of the materials used for the rings and balls, the assembly process, and the internal quality inspection process.

Bearing material

We usually use chrome steel as the material for the inner and outer rings of the bearing. Because of its durability, it is the best choice for high-speed and low-noise bearings!


Lubrication plays a very important role in the use of bearings. We need to select the appropriate grease according to the environment, temperature, speed, and other conditions of use. The grease required in the ATM must have the following characteristics:

  • Anti-aging and anti-oxidation
  • The rotation should be quite flexible without blocking the phenomenon
  • Excellent corrosion resistance, even in the presence of water or moisture
  • Low noise characteristics
Bearing for automatic teller machine - Yuanhe

All kinds of financial equipment transmission bearings provided by Yuanhe have the characteristics of high speed, quietness and precision. These bearings can be widely used in financial equipment such as automatic teller machines and electronic money detectors.

ATM Bearings factory - Yuanhe


During holidays, people will have a greater demand for cash withdrawals. This is a test period for the durability, wear-resistance and noise of ATM transmission products.

During the rotation of the ATM, some noise and vibration will inevitably be generated. Therefore, the bearings we use should minimize noise and vibration to avoid discomfort.



Provide contact and non-contact high and low temperature sealing according to the use environment. This product has suitable sealing properties

Low noise

Yuanhe uses special low-noise grease to optimize the grinding process of bearing rings

High precision

We can ensure the organic combination of bearing ring accuracy and high-precision spare parts to improve installation accuracy

Long life

Bearing steel adopts special heat treatment process to improve bearing life.

Bearing for long life - Yuanhe

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