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If you have questions or want to know about mechanical transmission, please read the FAQ first. If the listed answers still do not resolve your issue, please contact us directly. We will respond as soon as we receive your inquiry.

As a professional manufacturer and service provider of mechanical transmission mechanisms, Yuanhe Transmission provides you with a variety of components, which is involved in the transmission system or their combined mechanisms. We can also provide integrated service solutions. Choosing the right products and services largely depends on your correct understanding and determination of the product application scenarios. Below we have listed some frequently asked questions for your reference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bearings are an indispensable key component of mechanical transmission systems, and their accuracy and performance determine the safety, reliability and applicability of mechanical equipment. The basic structure of the bearing includes: outer ring, inner ring, rolling element, retainer, seal, etc.

The main components of common bearings include outer ring, inner ring and rolling elements, which are made of high-quality bearing steel in normal state.

  • Chinese grade: GCr15;
  • US grade: 52100;
  • German grade: 100Cr6
  • Japanese grade: SUJ2;
  • Bearing giant SKF grade: SKF3;

Can not. Different working conditions have huge differences in the performance and accuracy requirements of bearings. According to different working conditions, not only the internal structure of the bearing should be designed and manufactured differently, but also the selection of bearing lubricants and the determination of lubrication methods are very critical.

Yes, please leave us a message through our website and the new catalog will be sent to your mailbox. You can also download PDF forms for our products from Support -download on our website.

The company is headquartered in Huashan Industrial Zone, Dagang New District, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, and has set up a service office in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province.

Yuanhe Transmission has gathered a group of senior experts in mechanical transmission and established a professional and efficient R&D, manufacturing and service system. Focus on serving high-end power tools, garden tools, new energy vehicles, financial equipment and other fields. The main products include high-speed, high-precision bearings, gears, shafts and other transmission system-related components, as well as their assemblies or transmission mechanisms with embedded software.

Yuanhe Transmission provides drive system products and technical services for small and medium-sized equipment, as well as system solutions for our partners.

Regular products are delivered within 30 days, new products within 90 days.

The delivery port is mainly Shanghai Port, and if necessary, Ningbo Port can also be delivered.

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