Drivetrain Accessories

Yanhe Drivetrain Accessories products provide reliable service and low maintenance to help reduce your total cost of ownership. We brings together senior experts in the transmission field system. It has a professional team integrating R&D, manufacturing and marketing.

After years of accumulation of resources, Yuanhe has established cooperative relations with many world-class bearing suppliers. It can provide customers with the required quality, price, customized services and other solutions.

Drivetrain Accessories

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Yuanhe is a first-class deep groove ball bearings supplier who carefully selected manufacturing facilities from all over the world.

Since the establishment of Yuanhe, we have established close relationships with many bearing manufacturers around the world. We are able to provide the quality, price and product that meets our customers requirement for their applications.


Our bearings are used in many places in life, as long as the items need to be rotated, there are places where bearings are needed.

We can provide you with solutions for various types of roller bearings, such as:

You can use the data provided by us to make a selection. If there is nothing you need in the list of information, you can contact our team to communicate and request.

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We are looking forward to your win-win cooperation Our main goal is to provide high quality services and customer satisfaction