6202 ZZ Shielded Z2 Ball Bearings

6202 ZZ shielded Z2 ball bearing is a general-purpose spindle bearing with radial contact inside and outside the ball. They can withstand high axial loads in one direction and moderate radial loads in both directions. 6202 ZZ shielded Z2 ball bearings are available in metric and inch sizes.

6202 ZZ is a ball bearings with shield, two shields per bearing. The product is made of bearing steel, with high precision, durability and long life. They are ideal for a variety of applications such as electric motors, automobiles, printers, and more.

It is a precision deep groove ball bearing, which is widely used, such as electric motors, dental equipment, elevators, rolling mills, household appliances, gear boxes, etc. Bearing grease can be customized according to your actual needs.

● With high precision, durability and long life

● Require little maintenance

● Withstand radial and axial loads in both directions

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Part Number 6202 ZZ

Deep groove ball bearing drawing
Spec 6202 ZZ
Item Small deep groove bearing
Type Shielded
Bore Dia (d). 15 mm
Outside Dia (D). 35 mm
Width (B) 11 mm
ABEC Tolerance 3
Dynamic Load Capacity (kN) 8.06kN
Static Load Capacity (kN) 3.75kN
Max. RPM 22,000 RPM
Temp. Range (℃) -40~120℃
Material Mild steel (SPCC)
Shield Material Steel
Lubrication Grease

6202 ZZ shielded Z2 ball bearing has double sheilds. It is the best choice for applications that require protection of the bearing from dust or other contaminants. 6202 ZZ shielded Z2 ball bearing has two non-contact metal shields on each side of the ball bearing, which help keep the balls in place and prevent them from touching each other.

It is also an excellent choice for applications where space is limited, as it also has a smaller diameter.

Other types of ball bearings are also available: 6204ZZ, 6204 2RS, 6206 2RS, 6206 ZZ. If you’re interested in our procucts, please feel free to contact us.

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