How to choose the right bearing for a hand-held power tool?

Oct 31 2022

One of the most important components in a hand-held power tool is the bearing. There are several different types of bearings available for hand-held power tools. The most common type is the deep groove ball bearing. Bearings of this type are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications.

The handheld power tool industry is a multi-billion dollar market with a wide range of applications. These tools are used in a variety of industries, from woodworking to auto repair. A key component of these tools is deep groove ball bearings, as they can handle high radial and axial loads.

Deep groove ball bearings are also relatively simple to design and manufacture, they are durable, low maintenance, and affordable. If you’re looking for bearings for your next handheld power tool project, read on to learn more about deep groove ball bearings and their applications!

Bearings application For Sanders

What is a deep groove ball bearing?

Deep groove ball bearings are one of the most common bearing types in a wide range of applications. They are characterized by their deep-grooved raceways and high load capacity. They are used in a wide range of applications from bicycles to aerospace engineering.

Deep groove ball bearings are particularly suitable for high-speed applications. In hand-held power tools, deep groove ball bearings are used in motor and spindle assemblies. Bearings support the tool’s load and help keep the spindle properly aligned.

Deep groove ball bearings are available in a variety of sizes and designs to meet the needs of different applications. Some of the most common designs are open bearings, sealed bearings, and bearings with snap ring grooves.

6201-ZZ Small deep groove bearing oem - Yuanhe

How do deep groove ball bearings work?

Deep groove ball bearings work by providing smooth, low-friction motion in the application. Deep grooves on the inner and outer rings allow for deep, uninterrupted raceway grooves on both sides of the bearing for excellent load handling.

The advantages of using deep groove ball bearings are many, including the following:


Due to their structure, deep groove ball bearings have a very low probability of dislocation compared to other types of bearings.


Deep groove ball bearings are one of the most compact bearing types, making them ideal for use in space-constrained areas.


Deep groove ball bearings are designed for high speed, can withstand heavy loads, and are extremely durable.


The balls in deep groove ball bearings are perfectly spherical, which makes them run with very high precision.

Double row deep groove ball bearing

What is the role of deep groove ball bearings in hand-held power tools?

Globally, deep groove ball bearings are used in many hand-held power tools. In hand-held power tools, ball bearings are typically used in the spindle, where the shaft supports the tool’s cutting head or other attachment.

Deep groove ball bearings are used in hand-held power tools to support the rotational movement of the tool shaft. Bearings minimize friction between the shaft and the tool housing, which helps increase the efficiency of the tool and improves its overall performance.

How to choose the right deep groove ball bearing for your application?

There are a few things to consider when selecting a deep groove ball bearing for an application. First, determine the operating conditions of the bearing, such as load, speed, and lubrication. Next, select a bearing with the appropriate dimensions, such as bore, outside diameter, width, and clearance. Finally, choose a bearing with the right material and precision for the application.

The most common factor determining the load-carrying capacity of a deep groove ball bearing is its deeper raceway geometry. This significantly improves the bearing’s ability to handle radial and thrust loads in both directions.

The second criterion to consider is speed, or how fast the bearing can spin.

The third criterion has to do with operating temperature; deep groove ball bearings are often used in applications where ambient temperatures may be higher than usual, so it is important that they can withstand these conditions without failure.

A fourth criterion to consider is misalignment tolerance; some applications require full shaft and housing alignment, while others can tolerate a small amount of misalignment.

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Deep groove ball bearings are the right choice for hand-held power tools. They are durable and can withstand high speeds. They are also low maintenance and can operate in a wide range of environments. Yuanhe has rich service experience in the electric tool industry and can solve any problem with electric tool bearing selection for you. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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