Angular Contact Ball Bearing

An angular contact ball bearing is a rolling element bearing that uses balls to maintain separation between the bearing races. The balls are arranged in such a way that they can roll in the cup-shaped raceway formed by the inner and outer rings of the bearing. This design allows high-speed and low-friction operation.

Due to their internal design, angular contact ball bearings can withstand high radial and axial loads and reach high speeds. For manufacturing reasons, they are asymmetric and can only carry axial loads in one direction. This bearing type is typically used in applications that require high precision and high-speed operation, such as aerospace and automotive applications.

Angular contact bearings are usually mounted in a set of two or more opposing preloaded units with rigid or elastic spacers. In many cases, the use of multiple single-ended angular contact ball bearings provides greater design flexibility and performance.

Yuanhe offers the most comprehensive range of angular contact ball bearings, and we are committed to meeting the exacting requirements of OEM manufacturers.

Angular Contact Ball Bearing

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Angular Contact Ball Bearing

d=10mm D=26mm
B=8mm C=5.32kN

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Yuanhe is a Chinese angular contact ball bearing manufacturer. We provide high quality products at competitive prices. Our engineers have extensive experience and can provide specific solutions for your specific needs.

We have a full range of quality management system certificates and are constantly improving our products and processes to ensure they meet higher quality standards. Plus, the Yuanhe customer service team is here to help you with any questions you may have while looking for a product.

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Angular contact ball bearings are ideal for gearboxes, pumps, motors, clutches, or other high-speed applications. Radial loads are the main type of load these bearings are designed to handle. Axial loads are the side loads that can occur when a bearing is installed in an application where the shafts are misaligned.

Angular contact ball bearings are multifunctional bearings that can withstand radial and axial loads. They are typically used in applications where high radial loads and low axial loads are present, such as gearboxes. Angular contact ball bearings can also be used in applications where high axial loads and low radial loads are present, for example in turbines.

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